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Bird Feeder

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A unique wild bird seed feeder that features a beautiful circular surround created by steam bending a single piece of English Oak by hand. 

The wild bird seed feeder comprises of a clear perspex tube and visible metal seed tray that will attract birds into the garden throughout the year. There is dual seed dispensing and space for birds to use the feeder from both sides of the central cylinder. Garden birds also enjoy pre-perching on the wooden surround of the bird seed feeder before feeding from the tray beneath.

This tube bird feeder comes with a selection of inserts allowing for a small, mixed or large bird seed to be used. Using a variety of seed in your garden feeders will encourage the greatest range of birds to visit.

The 'twist and slide off' clear perspex cap takes seconds to remove for regular refilling of our bird seed feeder but covers and protects the seed when it is in use. 

Our bespoke stainless steel feeder tray is designed with perforated seams to allow rain water to drain away, keeping the bird seed dry. The feeder can easily be taken apart and the cylinder removed for thorough cleaning when needed.

The English Oak wooden surround is treated for outdoor use with an animal safe sealant. Oak is a natural material and will silver very slightly over time. 

Dimensions: 33cm diameter, 7cm depth.

If we have recently made a batch of bird seed feeders they may be available on same day dispatch. Please contact us for our current dispatch times. 

Read our blog detailing where to position your new bird feeder.