Best position for bird feeder

Best position for wild bird seed feeder

Where to place bird feeder?

Have you just received one of our bird feeders as a gift? Or perhaps you treated yourself to one for your own garden. And now, where to place the bird feeder? This short guide offers our top tips for the best position for a bird feeder so that you and the birds can get maximum enjoyment from it.

Close to a good perching spot

Your garden birds will want to have a good look at the new feeder before they venture onto it. Whenever possible, try to position your feeder approximately 2m form a place where the birds can first perch. Something like a bush, tree, fence or shed would be a great place for the birds to stop, have a check around and then fly on to the feeder. The perching spot also acts as a safe place to easily retreat to if the birds feel threatened so bushes and trees usually work best as they offer more shelter. We've seen the birds outside our workshop almost queuing up on the neighbouring tree to have their turn on the bird feeder!


Offer some shelter

Whilst the birds are perfectly used to being out in the elements, protection from bright sunlight and cold winds would definitely be appreciated during breakfast time. If your outdoor space is quite open, try to find an area least effected by strong winds. These can blow the bird feeder about and not only dislodge seed but put the birds off feeding there too.

Best position for bird feeder

Out of the way of predators

Most people think of cats being a nasty problem in the garden if you want to encourage birds into your space. If you have cats, like we do, or if you have unwanted visitors in your garden then having a bird feeder is actually the best thing you can do for the birds. The birds are there anyway and by providing a bird feeder you stop them hunting on the ground for food and keep them up, out of the cats reach. If you are particularly concerned about cats climbing up to the feeder, planting some prickly shrubs around the base of a tree will do the trick!

Vary the height

If you are lucky enough to have more than one of our bird feeders, then be sure to hang them at a few different heights. If you have found the best position for the bird feeder using the previous advice then just stagger the feeders slightly to encourage more birds to feed together. 


Where to place bird feeder?

Remember, it can take a little while for the birds to find a new feeder and build up the courage to test it out. If you have tried one place and it isn't working, wait a few weeks before trying another. Once you have found best position for your bird feeder, word will soon spread and you can sit back and enjoy the show.


If you would like to send us pictures of your bird feeder in use we always love to see them. Email your images here and we might just feature them on our Instagram.

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