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Basket Making Course - Suffolk Steam Bending from our Wood Workshop

Basket making for beginners using traditional steam bending techniques.

You can make a colourful wooden basket or tray using the ancient technique of steam bending on this 1 day course held in our warm and comfortable Suffolk workshop. Steam bending wood is a traditional craft, thought to have first been used for making tools and weapons such as the bows of a bow & arrow. 
Learn this ancient technique and take home your own creation.
Basket Making Courses Suffolk Wood Workshop
Madeleine and Myles are qualified Product Designers who have been specialising in steam bending since 2012. Madeleine is also a qualified teacher and together they make this basket making workshop educational, engaging and fulfilling. 
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 We have regular workshops, teaching people this beautiful and amazing craft. If you are a beginner with no prior experience then this course is for you. 
Basket Making Courses
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