Where can you position bathroom lighting?

Where can you position bathroom lighting?

Where can our lights be positioned in a bathroom?

Installing new lights into a bathroom can seem a daunting experience after talking with your electrician! We are able to tell you all the information you need to be able to install the lights you want with confidence. 

Bathroom lighting fixtures

Lights that are designed to be installed within a shower enclosure or beside the bath have to be made in a particular way to protect them from excess water. Our lights are designed to be installed as feature lights and so do not require the IP rating for bathrooms. 

Our lights are suitable for bathrooms when located outside of zones 0, 1 and 2. What does this mean? The diagram below from www.betterbathrooms.com explains.

bathroom lighting zones

Our wall lights are most often installed in bathrooms either side of the sink or vanity unit and so we have included some examples from our customers to help you visualise where you could position them. 

Walnut lighting fixtures bathroom | LayerTree

Our symmetrical wall lights are often positioned either side of a vanity unit, they must just be at least 60cm away from the tap.

Where can a light be positioned in a bathroom

If you are planning a bathroom refurbishment and plan to include our lights please do contact us if more clarity is required. Otherwise, don't forget to send us some photos of the completed project or tag us on Instagram @layertree.

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