The trees we have planted together

The trees we have planted together

2 year review: our Tree-Nation forest

We can't believe it's 2 years ago we started offering to plant a tree with every order placed on our website. It's not something you see many small businesses like ourselves doing but 2 years on and we are really pleased about the decision we made. Our aim was to bring awareness of the many reasons for deforestation to our customers and offer the opportunity to help reforest the world.

LayerTree Forest Impact

The trees we have planted together

We send an email to each and every one of our customers offering the opportunity to plant a tree that we will pay for. In the past 2 years 475 of our customers have taken up our offer and planted a tree in the LayerTree forest. We chose Platanus occidentalis, an American Sycamore tree which has an average natural lifespan of 500 years. A wonderful gift to plant something that will outlive yourself and benefit generations to come.

About the area we have reforested

The trees that have been funded by us and planted via our customers have already reforested 0.47 hectares of land. When we set up this offering, we chose to support the habitat recovery and kindness project in the US. The project's aim was to restore a previously commercial farm and junk yard back into a safe and thriving home for native wildlife. Since supporting this project the area has successfully been transformed into a forest and animal sanctuary.


If you supported this particular project with us you can read more about its success here: Animal recovery kindness project

CO2 captured

One of the huge benefits of planting trees is that they capture the CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere. This really makes a difference in the battle our planet and us as individuals are facing against climate change. Trees in forests absorb carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels. Since starting to plant our LayerTree forest, with your help we have captured 161 tonnes of carbon dioxide. To put this into perspective that is the emission of 1 person doing 161 return flights from Paris to New York. These trees really do make a difference!

So what next?

Now that the first project we supported has been completed, we have decided to offer our customers a tree for the reforestation project in Madagascar. This project was initiated by Eden in 2019 and needs continuous support. As the reforestation project starts to see success, healthy forests begin to grow and the effects of deforestation diminish. Trees provide shelter for animals, a source of water, control large scale floods and erosion of the land. They help to bring nutrients back into the soil which mean that farmers can grow on the land again. This project not only supports the land but the locals by first hiring villagers to help plant trees. It gives them an income again so that they can provide for their families rather than having to move to the cities for work, selling themselves or children to slavery.

Please help us support this project by checking for your email from Tree-Nation after you place an order with us and following the link to plant a tree in our LayerTree forest.


Click here to view our virtual LayerTree Forest and read more about the projects that we are supporting.

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