Sustainable eco friendly packaging

Our Sustainable Packaging

We don't send you any plastic in our packaging.

Sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable packaging 

White Paper

Most of our products are wrapped in a 100% recycled and recyclable paper for protection. This is made from unprinted white newspaper offcuts.

Wrapping products in Tissue Paper

Labels & Bags

The LayerTree label, bulb info label and our clear circle labels are made from recyclable materials. The clear circle labels used to seal our brown paper screw bags can also be composted.

Brown Paper

Instead of bubble wrap we use a brown kraft paper that has been cut into diamond shapes. It protects our bulbs just as well as bubble wrap (we did lots of testing!) and can be recycled or composted.
Eco friendly bubble wrap alternative

Bulb boxes

We don't understand how energy efficient bulbs can be sold in anything other than planet friendly packaging but this has been the hardest product to source without plastic. All our bulb boxes are now made from cardboard and therefore suitable for recycling.

Starch Peanuts

Larger items are surrounded by biodegradable, GM-free starch based packers. Do not confuse these for the non-recyclable polystyrene version. Ours can be recycled, composted or dissolved in water.
Starch Peanuts for eco friendly packaging

Jiffy Bag

Some of our smallest products fit into a single recycled and recyclable jiffy bag meaning that we can classify them as a large letter. This makes it easier for you to receive them and more space in the postman's van for parcel deliveries. These jiffy bags have a paper padded cushioning instead of being lined with plastic bubbles.


Our product booklets contain your invoice and instruction leaflet. They are printed using vegetable based inks on to 100% recycled card. 
Eco friendly parcel tape

Cardboard Box and tape

Our boxes are made using recycled fibres and in themselves are 100% recyclable. Both the standard and 'fragile' packaging tape we use is recyclable so it can be left on the box to make recycling easier. 
We have put a lot of time and energy into making our packaging have as little environmental impact as possible.
Please reuse/recycle/compost whatever you can to help continue the cycle.
Thank you.
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