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Always thinking, always designing, always making.
Our spare moments have always been filled with discussions about new product ideas. The reality is we get to follow so few of them through, why?
Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. We both come from a design background and prioritise the design of our products above everything else. We believe good design is innovative, useful, aesthetic, honest, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and thorough to the last detail. 
Good design takes time and this is why, even though we have plenty of ideas, our product range grows slowly.
We have compiled a word cloud showing some of our ideas for future products. If you would like an input into the future of LayerTree, here is your chance!
We would love to know, which you would most like to see as our next product. What would you add to our list if you could?
Let us know here or in the comments below.

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