Introducing our NEW pendant wall bracket

Introducing our NEW pendant wall bracket

We are very exciting to be introducing to you our new pendant wall bracket. It is something we have been working on the design of for a while, following the request from so many of our customers for such a product.

We know how much you love our lighting range and our ceiling mounted lights have been particularly popular. We wanted to make our petal lights and hoop shaped lights more versatile and so have created the option of wall mounting them with this beautiful bracket.

Walnut Pendant Wall Bracket Light | LayerTree

As with all our products, this pendant wall bracket is steam bent from a single piece of wood. You can choose the type and finish of the wood to suit your interior decor. Just like our wall lights, the pendant light bracket is available as a plug in or hardwired option. This means you can add a wall mounted pendant light anywhere in your home (as long as it's near a socket) and simply fix it to the wall and plug in. Alternatively, you can replace an existing wall light with our hardwired pendant bracket and have the lighting cables connected directly in to the wall just like your previous light. We have also made this light bracket available as a stand alone purchase if you already have your own lighting that you would like to display.

Pendant wall bracket with cable | LayerTree

Don't let the simplicity of this bracket deceive you. We have spent time carefully designing this lighting bracket to get every detail as we want it. Your choice of cable fits seamlessly in a groove arching over the top of the bracket. The screws are positioned purposefully to provide a secure attachment to the wall without interfering with the cable. The pendant and bracket will be packaged separately so that when it arrives, you can adjust the cable height to display the pendant at whatever height works in your space. We have shown the pendants at a similar height to the bracket but this is adjustable if you need it to be.

So whether you are looking for wall mounted bedside lights, a well positioned reading light above your favourite armchair or some statement lighting for your dining space we hope that our latest design will complete your home. Order your new lights here now.

If you have any questions about our pendant wall bracket please contact us here.

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