How do we protect our products?

How do we protect our products?

How we protect our products

As you have probably read, we make all of our products from steam bending beautiful sustainably sourced hardwoods. Hardwoods are incredibly tough but even they need protection against moisture, heat, UV, day-to-day scuffs and cleaning products.
Oils are a great way to protect wood as they will bring out the true beauty and depth of the grain but a lot of them fall short over time. There are hundreds of oils and stains out there and we have tried and tested a hell of a lot of them over the last nearly 10 years.
How do we protect our products? | LayerTree.

The Oil we love

About 4 years ago we moved all our finishes over to Rubio Monocoat Oils from OSMO oils and we have just been blown away by both the finish, ease of use and protection they offer. It is important to us that they are environmentally friendly so they contain no VOCs or any solvents. I wish we were saying this because we had a financial incentive to use them as they are outrageously expensive but we don't! To save clogging up this paragraph with too many facts about them there will be a link at the bottom so you can take a look for yourself.

How we protect our coat hooks | LayerTree.

Benefits for you

We use Monocoat Oils because we want our products to look as good in your home and garden as they did the day you put them up. We don't want our coat hooks in your bathroom to become damp and mouldy and stain your towels and we don't want our wall lights to light up any finger marks or stains that may have impregnated the wood!

Unlike most oils that need at least two coats and sometimes a third, Monocoat oils are a one coat product simply rubbing on then ragging off. This means we don't have to charge as much for our products as less time is spent making them!

If any of our products do get scuffed deeply and need to be sanded back a little then we can send you a small pot of oil so you can touch it up seamlessly as they overlap to the first oil coat to an identical colour. Just drop us a message on our contact form

If you hang clothes on our coat hooks you may be concerned about allergic reactions especially as some oils out there can be pretty potent but Monocoat Oils are 100% plant based and contain 0% VOCs so are very unlikely to provoke an allergic reaction.


Benefits for us

It's important to us (Myles & Madeleine) at LayerTree that our products are made to endure and by using the highest quality oils we are confident that all our products will look fantastic for years to come meaning you are more likely to purchase from us again. We want you to come back to us so we can keep doing what we love - designing and making products for your home.


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