Handmade wooden ceiling lights

Handmade wooden ceiling lights

A closer look at our handmade wooden ceiling lights

Our largest handmade ceiling light hoop is steam bent from a single piece of wood 165cm long. The wood is cut in such a way that it is at its widest at the base of the light and tapers to a narrower section at the top. We like to overlap the wood at the top of the light to highlight that it is made from a single piece. Specially selected Chicago screws hold the overlap in place and create a purposeful void for the cable gland to slot into. The bulb holder, Chicago screws and ceiling rose will all be in the same metal finish, chosen by you.

Handmade Ceiling Light | LayerTree

We have nearly 70 different cable colours to select from. If you are unsure which to choose before making a purchase, you can order one of our free sample packs here. The light will arrive with the bulb holder and cable already wired together. We leave you or your electrician to assemble the wire through the wooden surround and ceiling rose so that you can decide the amount of cable you pull through and therefore the finished height of your ceiling light.

After spending time deciding what to buy, waiting eagerly for it to be handmade by us for you, we imagine the last thing you want to do is to delay installing it. We have therefore tried to include everything you could need for a quick and easy installation.

Wooden Ceiling Light Handmade | LayerTree

A dimmable bulb is included with your order (excluding US orders) and spares are available from our shop. We select a ceiling rose in the same finish as the bulb holder to accompany your light. Assembly instructions are also included should you or your electrician require them.

Attention to detail is something we pride ourselves in when designing our products. We hope that by reading more about our ceiling lights you have a new appreciation for the amount of thought that can go into creating a seemingly simple ceiling light.

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