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Green practices in our business

A Commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility

At LayerTree, we believe in the power of green practices and their significant impact on the environment. Encouraging eco-friendly practices within our work has always been a top priority. From the materials we use to our commitment to social responsibility, we strive to make a positive difference in the world while providing excellent products and experiences to our customers.


Materials have a substantial impact on the environment, both during their production and disposal. Understanding this, we have made conscious choices in selecting materials that are environmentally friendly. For instance, all our products are handcrafted using FSC wood, ensuring that they come from responsibly managed forests. Additionally, cork is used in our side tables, as it is a sustainable and renewable material known for its durability and eco-friendliness. To further minimise our environmental impact, we have chosen to use metal fixings on all our products, reducing the need for harmful glues.
no glue fixings

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of running a sustainable business. with over a decade of experience, we have honed the technique of steam bending, which allows us to shape the wood without any machining. By using this method, we significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed in the production process while maintaining the high quality of our products. Furthermore, minimal machining is used during the finishing process, further reducing energy consumption and related carbon emissions.

Carbon footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint is a responsibility that we take seriously. Whenever possible, we source our wood locally, supporting local businesses while reducing transportation-related emissions. Even our lighting components are proudly made in the UK, further minimising our carbon footprint. We believe that by prioritising local sourcing, we can contribute to stronger communities and a healthier planet.

Product efficiency

Product efficiency is another crucial component of our commitment to sustainability. We design our products to last a lifetime, ensuring that they are durable and timeless. Moreover, we incorporate high-quality lighting components to ensure energy efficiency and longevity. To take it a step further, we supply LED bulbs with all our lights, knowing that LED lighting is not only energy-efficient but also helps to minimise waste due to its impressive lifespan.
sustainable packaging

Social responsibility

A commitment to social responsibility is at the core of our business ethos. We acknowledge that packaging waste is a significant environmental issue, and to address this, we have made all our packaging recyclable or compostable. By doing so, we aim to divert waste from landfills, contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy. Furthermore, we have implemented a tree-planting scheme on our website. For every order placed, we pledge to plant a tree, actively combating deforestation and reaffirming our dedication to combat climate change.
In conclusion, focusing on green practices play an integral role in our business. By using environmentally friendly materials, adopting energy-efficient methods, reducing our carbon footprint, ensuring product longevity, and committing to social responsibility, we strive to be a responsible and sustainable business. We believe that through these practices, we can make a positive impact on the environment, while also inspiring others to embrace green practices in their own lives.
Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.
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