Environmentally conscious brands

Environmentally conscious brands

Environmentally friendly brands we are loving this Winter



We live in our Rapanui hoodies in the winter months. They are really cosy, wash brilliantly and have such good eco credentials. We bought them originally for the workshop but now Myles even has a separate one to not get covered in wood shavings!

Workshop hoodies


We started wearing barefoot shoes about 4 years ago and have been so impressed with them that we are slowly converting all our shoes to vivos. The website will tell you all the positive effects of wearing barefoot shoes but we noticed the biggest difference after a few months when our 'normal shoes' started to hurt our feet. Barefoot is best and we particularly like that they offer a vegan range.



The coffee lover in this house is Myles and he has recently discovered Grind. They are a London based independent company who only make organic, compostable coffee capsules. They really do put sustainability at the heart of their business. We have yet to visit one of their coffee shops in London but excited for when the time comes!

Sustainable coffee


We have a few ecover products in our eco cleaning cupboard. Their window and glass cleaner is particularly good. So good in fact that we clean all of our round wall mirrors with it before packaging them up to send to you. The best part is we can get refills at our local farm shop.

Round wall mirror


A High Street brand who have a reputation for being 'that smelly one that you walk past' BUT having used their products on and off over the past 10 years, I can honestly say I keep going back to them. Always on the look out for cruelty free skincare products, this brand seem to go the extra mile that other brands don't. 100% vegetarian, cruelty free, ethically bought ingredients, handmade...and they work! 


If you have any recommendations of environmentally conscious brands you would like to share with us - contact us here. We will share any responses on Instagram or on a future blog post.

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