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Wood pendant light. LayerTree.
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Wooden pendant light uk. LayerTree.
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Pendant Light - LayerTree
Pendant Light - LayerTree
Pendant Light - LayerTree

Pendant Light

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Our wood pendant light is made up of five individually crafted petals which were inspired by a sycamore seed floating to the ground in the autumn sunlight. When the wooden pendant light is lit a sensational inner glow radiates, highlighting the quality of the wood you have chosen. A choice of Oak, Elm or Walnut are available.

The wood pendant light fills the room with warmth from our LED bulb with its design looking exquisite even when turned off. Each wooden petal is carefully steam formed into shape and then finished by hand to create smooth shades in your choice of wood.

Our wooden pendant lights are professionally wired in the UK using a choice of colourful, high quality cable and include a complimentary ceiling rose and bulb. The most popular cable colours are shown here but our full collection can be seen on our lighting sample page.

The wood pendant light is supplied with the complete wiring, ready to be connected directly to your ceiling electrical source. We supply 2m of cable with each pendant, please contact us if your project requires more. Note the wooden pendant is natural product and the grain and colour may vary slightly from product to product. This listing is for a single pendant light.

Size: 45cm (w), 24cm (h)

Bulb: LED globe 6W filament style

Orders to US and Canada are supplied without a bulb as they are not compatible. Please order a suitable bulb from your own country.