Wooden wall hooks. LayerTree.
Wooden wall hooks. LayerTree.
Wall hooks. LayerTree.
Coat hooks for wall. LayerTree.
Wooden coat hooks for wall. LayerTree.
Individual coat hooks. LayerTree.
Single coat hooks. LayerTree.
Single coat hooks for wall. LayerTree.
Wall coat hooks. LayerTree.
Wood coat hook. LayerTree.
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Coat and hat hooks

Wall hooks

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One individual wooden wall hook.
A hook is never just a hook. It started its life just a tree reaching intentionally straight up to find the most direct route to sunlight. As a result we can use the beautifully straight grained wood and with the art of steam bending, encourage it into a new form. A form that suddenly has purpose. A form that provides the space you want for your home, a clutter free existence, a helping hand to pass you what you need.
A hook is so cleverly simple, so functional and so life-changingly brilliant is it any wonder we’re so obsessed with making them!
Our wooden wall hooks are strong enough to carry a huge weight, they will hold your winter jacket with ease. If you want them to support your laptop bag or envisage school books weighing them down, just make sure the straps are hooked right over the coat hooks and they will be fine.
We supply you with the screws and wall plugs you need to fix your wall hooks. All you need to do is decide where you will position them in your home and drill a hole for the wall plugs (or find someone who likes doing that sort of thing for you). Now you just have to decide which wood and screw combination will complete your coat hooks.
You can find more details about our coat hooks in the FAQ section of our website.
Dimensions of wooden wall hook:
H15cm x W4cm x D5.5cm (6 inches x 1 & 1/2 inches x 2 inches)