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With March just around the corner and bulbs popping up we all feel as though Spring is within grasp but the reality is we will probably be spending evenings curled up in front of the fire a little bit longer. So, to help you through these last days of winter we have put together a brief summary of the books and magazines that are always seen on our coffee table which we use as a bit of evening inspiration and education whilst warming up our toes by the fire! 
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We would also love to hear if you have any firm favourites of your own which we could add to our collection.
91 magazine.
I first heard about this magazine on a podcast and was intrigued by the story behind this a small scale, indie magazine. The magazine is only released twice a year but it is 100% worth getting. It is such as inspirational read, full of beautiful images to spark your creativity.
We both love dipping in and out of this magazine which is why it usually remains on the coffee table until the next issue is released. Timeless yet unique, this is a must have if you are interested in conscious home decor.
Vegan for Life, Jack Norris & Virginia Messina.
Myles has been vegetarian his whole life and I stopped eating meat about 10 years ago. We had gradually been replacing dairy with other foods and decided to follow a completely plant based diet about 10 months ago. This book was recommended to us as a great guide to ensure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals required for a healthy lifestyle. It is written by registered dieticians and covers all of the different nutrients the body needs along with plant based sources.
Initially I read the book cover to cover and felt quite overwhelmed by the amount of information it contains. The sample menus included in the book may be useful to anyone trying to adopt a more plant focused diet. I now regularly refer to the end of chapter summaries which are a really useful reminder of the foods that contain protein/B12/calcium and the amount we need.
The simple things.
We have been subscribed to this magazine for over a year now. If you want seasonal ideas for living a slow life then this magazine will suit you. The magazine often has a focus on the outdoors - events to plan, places to visit, wildlife to look out for. We love spending time outside so the ideas this magazine offers are always well received.
One of my favourite features is the inspirational quote of the month on the back cover. It is definitely a magazine that makes you feel uplifted and inspired to make some changes in your life.
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The 4 pillar plan, Dr Rangan Chatterjee.
I am fascinated by positive nutrition so it was the food section of this book that initially interested me. Written by a practicing GP, this book is our go to for how to live a well rounded, healthy life. Running your own business has a tendency to take over at times so focusing on our health is a top priority.
Dr Chatterjee's book talks through how to relax, eat, move and sleep for a longer, healthier life. There are separate chapters which can be worked through in any order with lots of simple recommendations. I particular like this book because all of his suggestions are backed up with science and his extensive experience of dealing with patients. He also has a great podcast for anyone who can work and listen like us.
The Almanac, a seasonal guide to 2019, Lia Leendertz.
A friend suggested I bought this book when they were shocked I had never heard of it before. I would normally hire books from the library but it is a beautiful object to have on your coffee table and the need to refer to it regularly justified the purchase for me.
In essence it is a monthly guide to being at one with nature. There are charts for moon phases, meteor showers, sunrise and sunset. I find the monthly garden tasks really helpful and others may like the recipes. The seasonal songs and tales turn this book from what is really a guide into more of a story telling journey through the year. It's only February so worth picking up a copy if you think it might interest you.
Be Kind.
This is a recent discovery and we read the very first issue as it was released last month. When I think about why I was drawn to the magazine, it was because of how it felt! After flicking through glossy cover after glossy cover to look at the front pages of magazines in our local shop my hand reached this matt texture. I turned to the inside cover which read that the paper in the magazine is only sourced from responsibly managed forests. This magazine is for me, I thought!
The first issue focuses on solutions for plastic waste and in general is full of practical advise and ideas for the environment and living sustainably. It is a very informative magazine but focuses on the positive changes we can make which makes it a great read. I will definitely be buying this one again.
winter sunrise over frosty fields
If you want to read about why we are focusing more on our reading this year I would recommend this blog post
Have you enjoyed reading any of these books already tell us or got any recommendations for us to continue our evening reading habit?
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