Meaningful resolutions

We all set out with such great intentions in the new year, but how many times have you set a New Years’ resolution that focuses on a negative? This year, I wanted to look at adding something of value to my life rather than focusing at what could be taken out.
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For a long time I have been wanted to read more but I have resisted it over the years. Recently, I got to a point where I decided that this could be such a positive change that the time had come to make it. I listen to a lot of podcasts while in the workshop and have been making a list of all these lovely books I keep hearing people talk about. So from that point of view, I have actually been preparing for this resolution before I even decided to create it.
This got me thinking that to make a resolution meaningful, it does require more than just a few moments thought at 11:59pm on New Years’ Eve! I have put together some ideas for different styles of meaningful resolutions and how you can go about making them successful.
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Partner up for the year
There is no reason to go it alone when it comes to resolutions. Why not sit down with your partner over Christmas and come up with a meaningful resolution together? This could be something you want to achieve together in the year ahead like a renovation project or lifestyle change. Sit down and plan what you would like to achieve and why. Reminding yourself why this is important to you will help maintain your focus throughout the year. By having the same resolution, you will be able to support and encourage each other but also share in the benefits together once it is achieved!
For a year long resolution like this come up with some mini goals you can achieve along the way and remember to share your project with friends and family throughout the year. 
Monthly hygge
A favourite book of mine which I frequently refer to is Meik Wiking’s ‘Little book of Hygge’. There is a brilliant chapter illustrating how to hygge throughout the year with monthly gatherings, such as a night in watching films with friends in January, celebrating the summer solstice with homemade cordial in June and a November soup party where guests all bring a soup to share as the weather turns colder. I love this idea of getting together with friends or family every month to join together in a seasonal activity.
Remember, if it doesn’t suit you to have daily accountability in your resolution don’t make it that way! I think a positive monthly event is not only achievable but sounds such good fun too. Start the year by planning and setting dates for your monthly events (and telling your friends and family to join you!)
365 days of slow
If you fancy the challenge of joining Brooke from The Slow Home Podcast who is aiming for 365 days of slow in 2019, she has a great PDF to help you find 5 minutes each day to just slow down a little. Perfect for those busy bees amongst us who need a gentle reminder to take a moment for yourself. This is also a great idea if you are someone who likes the idea of having a resolution which you can act upon each day. 
If you haven’t come across her before, take a look at Brookes’ website here. There is also the hashtag #365daysofslow which you can use throughout the year for encouragement and inspiration.
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Whether or not you decide to set yourself a resolution this new year, I think that focusing on adding value to your life is definitely something that should be celebrated.
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