2019 Home Decor Trends

We aren't interested in fashion for the sake of fashion. Repainting a room each season just to 'fit in' seems wasteful to us. But looks can be important for any place you spend time in as it affects the way you think and feel.
We don't follow seasonal trends but if there is something positive around we are more than happy to be influenced by it! Like most people, we want to keep our home (and business) stylish and a new year is a great time to think about any changes you would like to make to your home. We hope this succinct guide will give you a few pointers that are achievable rather than overwhelming.
contemporary bedroom with steam bent oak wall lights
Scandi Noir

We love scandi design (had you noticed?!) and towards the end of 2018 there was a lot more interest in dark blue. It is predicted to be the most popular colour for kitchens this year and I am sure we will see elements popping up in other rooms too. 

2019 is however due to go one step further than navy with a focus on not only black accessories but black furniture too. We have seen some fellow wood workers experimenting with scorching wood with some interesting results. Whilst this effect is not something we are looking to introduce, we are focusing on our charcoal oak finish for which we use a VOC free oil. We have definitely seen its popularity grow over the last few months so watch this space!

charcoal oak ceiling pendant light

Nude for neutrals
I know, we are all so comfortable with grey, grey-y white, and white-ish-grey. We personally love grey, it is such a useful colour and goes well with everything. 

For sofas, rugs, curtains and even your walls grey is still a great, timeless option for a neutral colour. With the focus shifting to more environmental fabrics, there has also been a transition towards the more earthy, warmer tones. So you don't need to give up your greys but look for a warmer tone if you are doing any repainting this year.

Lakeland Paints are an organic paint supplier who offer eco-friendly wall paints. We used their 'Dawn Mist' to decorate our bedroom last year. It was a great paint to apply and the colour compliments our dark blue wardrobes perfectly.


Living Coral
I was super excited to hear that Pantone's colour of the year for 2019 is coral. Not only because it is a feel-good, sunset tone but it is also the colour I have been planning for the sitting room in our house since we moved in a year ago. But you don't have to repaint an entire room this colour. As I said before, we hate wasteful design so I wouldn't go and buy lots of new accessories in this colour. If your towels need replacing or you need a bit more light in a corner of the room...  coral may be a good choice!

coral colour chart

We saw a lot of copper in 2018 and coral is a great transition for the new year. Keep your copper accessories and pair them with some natural fabrics like hessian or linen to bring things up to date.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

People aren't just talking about reducing plastic but being more picky about exactly what the potential items for their homes are made from. In the UK, we are seeing a big change in packaging materials with lots being compostable now (separate blog required to talk about my love of composting). Jute, hemp and clay are making a big appearance in the art world but also in homes too. Investing in some of these sustainable fabrics is a great choice for 2019. 

Buying handmade is becoming more important to customers and this is a trend that is forecast to continue. Obviously, this is something we are really pleased to hear, not only for our own business but hopefully to will encourage other creatives to pursue a career in this field. It usually takes longer to find a handmade item (especially online) but is always worth the wait when you do.


If the mention of Scandi Noir has sparked your interest then have a browse through our pendant lights to find the Charcoal finished ones we mentioned earlier.


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2019 decor trends

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