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Reduce, re-used and recycle. We all know what we should be doing but how easy it is to actually put into practice day to day. Being conscious of the environment is one of our key goals and so we have decided to share the details of the packaging for our products, so you know what to expect.

The parcel boxes seem a sensible place to start. We used to buy standard size boxes which almost always require some form of extra internal packaging to fill the spaces. We are slowly transitioning to custom size boxes which reduces the need for that extra packaging and saves space in the postman's van, making the delivery more efficient too. All plain cardboard boxes are recyclable or compostable providing you painstakingly peel off the plastic tape holding them together. We have saved you a job by swapping our parcel tape to a brown biodegradable one. Even the adhesive is safe for your compost bin.  

LayerTree packaging sustainable parcels being wrapped up

Where you do find plastic packaging in the box, it will either be recycled or recyclable, or usually both! We check and save any air bubble style packaging that is still in a good enough condition for us to re-use. Our lights are often sent out with air bubbles because the bulb holders, ceiling roses and bulbs are delivered to us with this packaging. Once the lights have been assembled we re-use bubbles which are still good quality to prevent us from creating a demand for more. If possible, we encourage you to continue this chain of re-use for as long as possible. You might have noticed that our bulbs are wrapped in green bubble wrap! This is to let you know that it is not only recyclable but made from 75% recycled plastic. So make sure it goes in the recycling to be made into more yet more bubble wrap for the future.

The tissue paper we use is made from 100% recycled materials and in turn is recyclable itself. This is the same for our brown paper screw bags. On of our favourite packaging materials has to be the clear sticky sealers which we use in place of sellotape. They are 100% biodegradable so there is no need to remove them before popping your packaging onto the compost heap.

Coat hooks being wrapped up in tissue paper

We are currently looking to find a printer for our stickers who uses vegetable based inks, prints onto recycled paper and uses a natural adhesive as this is key to making it biodegradable. If anyone has come across such a wonderful company, we would be very grateful for the details! These are currently one of the few items in our packaging which is not compostable. However, we are pleased to say that we have found such a company who print our product booklets for us (if only they did stickers too) - they are a waterless printer, chemical free, use vegetable oil bases for their inks and only use 100% recycled paper. 

We talk a lot about composting when referring to what you can do with our packaging if not re-using it. If you have a garden of any size, it is well worth setting up an area dedicated to composting your kitchen and garden waste as well as shredded paper and cardboard. This mix makes for beautiful compost and saves you having to buy a (plastic) bag of the stuff from your garden centre.

We have taken many steps in the last year to reduce our impact on the planet and make buying from us a more sustainable choice. As with everything, there is always room for improvement so we will keep you up to date with further changes as we make them.

Since writing this blog post, we have refined our packaging further to include zero plastic! You can find out more and watch our packaging video here.

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